Zerodha Complaints

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Where and whom to contact in case of any support related issue

Call on numbers: 080-4040-2020 or 080-3310-2020. You can also sent email to [email protected]

What is contact number for Call & Trade

080-4040-2020 and 080-3310-2020

What is the contact number for account opening questions


How to change the Zerodha mapped bank account details

Send the scanned copy of the cancelled cheque of the new bank account which you want to map to [email protected]

How to buy/sell stocks for in Zerodha. What are the trading options available in Zerodha

Please visit the below link on the current website. We have made a list of videos which will help you understand the basics of Zerodha, its trading platforms and its productions. Please watch all videos to understand all the services provided by Zerodha. We will continue to add more videos to the list to help our customers.

Helper videos for new customers

Does Zerodha provides trading calls? If not, how can I get it?

Zerodha does not provide any trading calls to its customers. It is up to individual partners to provide this service. Some authorized Zerodha partner, do provide free daily trading calls to our their core customers.

Only condition is that the customer must open account with their partner code or refer at least one person to us their code. Average charges for intra-day calls is between 500-5000 per week (depending on the provider).

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