Penny Stocks: What it is and why it matters

Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks Meaning Penny stock is a kind of stock that is being bought and sold for a very low price, not more than $5 per share. Penny stocks tend to rise in value speedily but when there are unexpected delays, the worth may possibly also fall speedily. Penny Stocks Basic Terminologies Knowing the jargon … Read more

Commodity Spread Trading: What it is and Why It Matters?

A commodity can be defined as a product whose market value keeps on fluctuating on a daily basis. The market price of a commodity id directly proportional to its demand and supply. There are certain factors which influence the commodity price like economic trends, natural calamities, government policies, foreign exchange rated and the like. A … Read more

Spread Betting For Begginners

Spread betting is a derivative in which the trader does not own the underlying asset but simply bet on the basis of his/her predication depending in which direction the market will move, up or down. Spread is the difference between the buy price and the sell price. There are certain strategies developed which should be … Read more

Margin Trading Dangers Highlighted by actual Cases

Several unusual high profile company fraction effect collapses on the Australian Stock Exchange highlight the inconvenience posed to ordinary shareholders from gargantuan scale margin trading of shares by directors of listed firms. So dramatic have been the consequences that no equities investor can afford to ignore the lessons. vital shareholdings by directors in a listed … Read more

Predatory Mortgage Lending

We have all heard the stories in the press about elderly people losing their homes due to unfair lending practices. Most reputable banks would never consider bilking their customers out of their life savings but there are many small, private lenders that would only be too happy at the opportunity to do it. The act … Read more

Intraday Trading Rules You Should Never Break

Intraday Trading Rules

Intraday trading is an addiction. Both the success (profit) and failure (loss) in it results in more and more trading until it reaches to trader’s bankruptcy or to trader’s psychological imbalance. This could be saved if an trader follows Intraday trading rules. By following these trading rules you can make much money from Intraday trading … Read more

NISM VS NCFM. We Have Surveyed 100+ Students. Here We Will Share Those Valuable Results.


We Have Surveyed 100+ Indian Students on their opinion about financial certification examinations like NISM VS NCFM for job seekers in India. Specifically, we looked at how factors like future scope, job incentives, salary, interviews, competition, job experience and exam certificates affects the lives of Students who are pursuing these financial certification examinations in India. … Read more

Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis. Which One Should You Focus On Right Now?

What is Fundamental Analysis? Fundamental Analysis is the process to find out “intrinsic value” of a stock based on real factors behind the company. These factors include the macro-economic situation, the quality of management, the business environment and the financial situation of the company. Once the intrinsic value of the stock is determined, it can … Read more

Will the Stock Market Crash Soon?

Will the Stock Market Crash in 2021

Will the Stock Market Crash Soon? It seems to me, as a person who follows these things, that the stock market is not really sure what to do at the moment. One day it goes up a hundred, the next day it is down a hundred. The fundamentals of the market are very strong however … Read more

How To Pick Great Stocks

How To Pick Great Stocks If you want to make some serious money on the side, you need to look up how to pick great stocks. It isn’t as risky as some people make it out to be, but it may take a bit of research. Stocks range from company to company. There could be varying dividend … Read more

What’s So Great About Platinum?

What’s So Great About Platinum Coins? Having a hobby is always a great thing, because the hobby can fill in that extra time that would usually have been wasted watching television, and, instead, that time will be spent doing something one loves to do. There are many different things people do as hobbies, but coin … Read more

Find out Edelweiss Branch Office – Best Stock Broker

Find out Edelweiss Branch Office Edelweiss Branch Office Details Trade Name EDELWEISS SECURITIES LTD. Registered Office Address MB TOWERS,2ND FLOOR PLOT NO.5,ROAD NO.2 BANJARA HILLS HYDERABAD-500034 Phones 40-40316900/0-9704240004 Fax 40-40316905 Corporate Office Address FLOOR 6TH TO 12TH, EDELWEISS HOUSE OFF C.S.T. ROAD, KALINA MUMBAI-400098 Phones 022-40094400/022-40885757/6278 Fax 022-40863757 Corporate Email [email protected] Website Search Branch … Read more

3 Ways to Diversify Your Income Portfolio

Diversify Your Income Portfolio When it comes to diversifying one’s portfolio in retirement despite the call for increasing rates, there are several things you can do. Since bond income has traditionally provided the highest income at a relatively low rate of risk, investors should not be shocked to find that they can expect to roll … Read more

Astha trade Customer Care

Astha trade Customer Care Contact Details Customer Care – Phone 0755-4268599 0755-6693302 Customer Care – Email [email protected] Trading/Dealing – Phone 0755-4268556 0755-6693301 Other Brokers Customer Care Select5Paisa Customer CareAditya Birla Money Customer CareAnand Rathi Customer CareAngel Broking Customer CareAstha Trade Customer CareAxis Direct Customer CareBMA Customer CareEdelweiss Broking Customer CaareFundsIndia Customer CareFyers Customer CareGeojit Customer CareGlobe … Read more

Unmarried Women Hit Much Harder by Recession of 2008

Unmarried Women Hit Much Harder by Recession

Unmarried Women Hit Much Harder by Recession Since the recession began in December 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 6 million jobs have been lost with unmarried women taken a large hit. “While the country’s economic decline has touched all Americans, its effect on unmarried women has been devastating,” said Page Gardner, President … Read more

Commodity Mutual Funds

Commodity Mutual Funds

Commodity Mutual Funds Commodity mutual funds are interesting because they are promising and worthwhile. These are used by many investors to branch out and expand their investment portfolios, aside from the usual bonds and stocks. They are also looked upon as protection against price increases (or inflation), because when prices go up, so do these … Read more

Why Does Stock Market Exist?

Why Do Stock Market Exists

Why Does Stock Market Exist? The stock market is a pool of opportunities. It provides companies a chance to raise capitals for businesses through selling shares to the investing public, promote business activity benefiting economic sectors such as agriculture, commerce and industry, expanding product lines and acquire other necessary business assets through acquisitions. The stock … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dividend Funds

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dividend Funds

For some investors, the idea of sticking it out with their bonds and enduring what can be years of devalued market prices (assuming rates increase after all and the bonds cannot be held until maturity), the possibility of investing in dividend paying securities has been a convenient alternative. However, dividend paying securities and dividend funds … Read more

Zerodha Complaints

  Other Stock Broker Complaints SelectAngel Broking ComplaintsAxis Direct ComplaintsHDFC Securities ComplaintsICICI Direct ComplaintsIndia Infoline ComplaintsKotak Securities ComplaintsMotilal Oswal ComplaintsSamco ComplaintsSBI Securities ComplaintsSharekhan ComplaintsUpstox ComplaintsZerodha ComplaintsZerodha Problems Where and whom to contact in case of any support related issue Call on numbers: 080-4040-2020 or 080-3310-2020. You can also sent email to [email protected] What is contact number … Read more

Real Estate Market Crash 2008

Real Estate Market Crash 2008

Can You Afford to Wait Out the Housing Market Crash of 2008? During 2005-2006, real estate was regarded as one of the safest investments on the market and one in which you could make a quick profit. Although many did realize that there were risks involved in this type of investment, no one could predict … Read more

Top 3 Reasons Why Recessions Happen!

Reasons Why Recessions Happen

Top 3 Reasons Why Recessions Happen! Ask anyone Why we have recessions and you will get many different reasons. Most of these people receive their information from mainstream media and the federal government. After reading this, you will definitely feel different about the way we receive our economic information. #1 The Federal Reserve. According to … Read more

Investment Strategies During Global Recession

Investment Strategies During Global Recession

Investment Strategies During Global Recession Lately, the global market has been experiencing a continuous slump and nobody has any idea as to where it is exactly heading to. The entire global economy is facing a severe crisis and we are trying to look for different possible ways we can save ourselves from it. Different investment … Read more

Divorcing Your Spouse During A Recession

Divorcing Your Spouse During A Recession

Divorcing Your Spouse During A Recession What do you need to know to negotiate your way through a divorce during times of increased economic pressure? In the current economic downturn, things have changed and not for the better. For some, retirement funds also had considerable appreciated value. These two, the marital home and retirement funds … Read more

Does The Stock Market Favor The Rich?

Does The Stock Market Favor The Rich?

Does The Stock Market Favor The Rich? Rich people do have one advantage: some-more income to invest. If you’re value $10 million, and you consequence a 10% lapse on stocks, you’ve usually done an additional $1 million! You and I can’t pick up a million bucks so easily. But over time, even our tiny contributions … Read more

Commodity Trading : Everything You Need To Know.

Commodity Trading Tips

Commodity Trading When it comes to the Commodity Trading, some people find the purpose confusing. The commodity market originated as vehicles for guarding against price fluctuations in agricultural commodities and to establish a method of price discovery for these items. The classic example is a farmer seeking to protect the value of his crop. In … Read more

Benefits Of Forex Swing Trading

Benefits Of Forex Swing Trading

It always helps to learn a variety of stock market strategies. You never know when you are going to need them. Forex swing trading for instance has its benefits under the right circumstances. In order to reap the rewards of this strategy, however, you have to know what you are doing. Please see the list … Read more

NATCO Pharma Share Price

Natco believes that in the new order of symbiotic drug industry, it will emerge a powerful player with specialized skills to address encompassing oppurtunities in pharmaceuticals. Attracting industry leaders with the constancy of its purpose. Natco’s emergence from a major business re-engineering exercise further fuels its ambition to be among the select top leaders in … Read more

Earning Per Share क्या है? EPS in Hindi

क्या होता है ईपीएस? Earning Per Share किसी स्टॉक के मौलिक विश्लेषण में यह मेरे अनुसार सबसे महत्वपूर्ण कारक है। संबंधित अनुपातों में से कुछ के साथ यह युग्म आपको एक शेयर के मूल्य के बारे में एक उचित विचार देना चाहिए। जैसा कि संकेत मिलता है कि प्रति शेयर कमाई एक कंपनी की ‘प्रति … Read more

Warren Buffet Quotes Every Investor Must Know

Warren Buffet Quotes gives the sole reason why I recommend every investor to follow his footsteps. But most of his strategies are completely not revealed. But we will try to extract few, which are very obvious from his statements from time to time, his investments etc. 1. Value Investing: This is the key. Different investors … Read more

Nykaa IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Nykaa IPO Date Nykaa is a social networking site for business professionals.  The owners filed to go public one month ago, on March 2021.  Someone close to the company said the Nykaa IPO is expected to bring in $200 million.  That would bring the total value of the company up to $2 billion, say sources close to … Read more

NCDEX IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

NCDEX IPO The supposed NCDEX IPO has been talk of the town since 2021, but the latest info from the Financial Times seems to be just a story.  Last March, NCDEX co-founder announced that the company has no plans for a NCDEX IPO anytime soon.  Biz Stone said the company is making money from sponsored tweets, so … Read more

Shyam Steel IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Shyam Steel IPO The Shyam Steel IPO may be the one of the first upcoming IPOs for the first or second quarter of 2021.  In addition to mentioning a Shyam Steel IPO the CEO also said there may be an acquisition or two in the works. Shyam Steel is based out of Kolkata. The company makes all flash memory … Read more

My pension for February 2021

My pension for February 2021

My Pension for February 2021 If уоu аrе nеаrіng уоur rеtіrеmеnt аgе thеn уоu wіll bе thіnkіng оf rеtіrеmеnt рlаnnіng аnd utіlіzе уоur реnѕіоn fundѕ іn thе bеѕt роѕѕіblе wау. QROPS (Quаlіfіеd Rесоgnіzеd Ovеrѕеаѕ Pеnѕіоn Sсhеmеѕ) wаѕ іntrоduсеd іn 2006 аѕ а раrt оf thе nеw реnѕіоn rеfоrmѕ thаt саmе аbоut іn thе UK whісh … Read more

Kalyan Jewellers IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Kalyan Jewellers IPO A Kalyan Jewellers IPO would be a welcome investment opportunity for many who keep an eye on social media.  Company that’s already made a big name for itself, this Jewellery company is considering all avenues, and it already has some big offers. In what has become termed the Year of the Kalyan Jewellers IPO, … Read more

Best Algo Trading Strategies in 2021 (Latest)

Algo Trading Strategies

Algo Trading Strategies Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Algo Trading  is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any … Read more

SAMHI Hotels IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

SAMHI Hotels IPO SAMHI Hotels is the largest online network of websites that cater to those who want to rent a vacation home.  In a statement issued this week regarding their upcoming IPO,  the company announced that they will set the IPO price anywhere between $24 and $27 per share. SAMHI Hotels would then be worth … Read more

Bajaj Energy IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Bajaj Energy IPO The Bajaj Energy IPO  announced last week has the biofuels world chattering.  The company, based in New Hampshire, develops technology for cellulosic ethanol production.  One of the largest private thermal generation companies has researchers trying to find a way to cheaply product ethanol fuel without relying on corn. Bajaj Energy IPO Size Bajaj … Read more

Nazara Technologies IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

Nazara Technologies IPO Nazara Technologies is based in China and is planning an upcoming IPO on the NASDAQ.  The Chinese tech company offers downloading services and digital media streaming services and cloud computing platforms.  The Nazara Technologies IPO will involve 7.6 million shares priced at $14 to $16 per share.  J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank will be the lead … Read more

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO Laxmi Organic Industries is planning an IPO, although it has not yet filed.  The offshore marine helicopter company, based in Fort Lauderdale, has filed preliminary paperwork ahead of the expected announcement of the official filing of the Laxmi Organic Industries IPO. The chopper company is actually owned by Seacorp Holdings, which acquired … Read more

MTAR Technologies IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

MTAR Technologies IPO Internet company IPOs are all the rage this year, but the details of the upcoming MTAR Technologies IPO, announced this week, make for a small beginning.  The online real-estate company set modest goals for its upcoming IPO when compared to the likes of LinkedIn, Groupon and Facebook. The IPO is open for subscription on … Read more

NSDL IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

NSDL IPO Finally, something for upcoming IPO investors to be excited about again: the NSDL IPO was announced this week and is planned for sometime in  2021.  After a dismal September and not much better October, companies are starting to get in through the window left open by the NSDL IPO. There’s really no much information yet … Read more

EaseMyTrip IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

EaseMyTrip IPO EaseMyTrip filed last August to go public, but a EaseMyTrip IPO has yet to be seen.  Those in the industry expected an initial public offering of the internet communication or telephony business early this year but that has been delayed.  Last October 2021 they hired a new CEO, and that seems to have delayed things. … Read more

Power Grid InvIT IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Power Grid InvIT IPO Power Grid InvIT hopes to raise $573.1 million through a Power Grid InvIT IPO,  the company announced this week.  The largest social networking site in China, Power Grid InvIT hopes to stand out among the other Chinese facebook clones, by listing itself on the US stock market with a Power Grid InvIT IPO. … Read more

Annai Infra Developers IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Annai Infra Developers IPO Premium headphones are big business these days, so the Annai Infra Developers IPO is being closely watched by investors.  This upcoming IPO is a tricky one…lots of pros yet lots of cons.  Annai Infra Developers’s IPO will offer shares from $17 to $20 per share, for a maximum of $182 million.  The company is selling shares, and … Read more

Craftsman Automation IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Craftsman Automation IPO The retail company Craftsman Automation IPO made its debut as a public company on the NSE Stock Exchange in 2021. Investors enthusiastically greeted its arrival on Dalaal Street. The successful launch is an indication investors believe the home improvement retail sector and Craftsman Automation in particular will prosper in the near future. … Read more

Nureca IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

Nureca IPO Tomorrow is the much-awaited Nureca IPO, announced first last April. Nureca is based in Atlanta, Georgia and hopes to raise $100 million in tomorrow’s IPO.  They will offer 7 million shares priced between $13 and $15 per share.  Say shares go for $14 and their company will be worth $553 million. Nureca makes healthcare and … Read more

Studds Accessories IPO: Everything You Need To Know About

Studds Accessories IPO Studds Accessories is a manufacturer of helmets, motorcycle accessories and riding gears..  NAND flash memory is faster and cheaper than traditional hard-drive-stored memory and prevents bottlenecks in calls to data storage at data centers. The data is easier to retrieve and very attractive to large internet-based companies and services , which needs … Read more

Chartered Speed IPO: Everything You Need To Know

Chartered Speed IPO The famous store has announced this weekend that it’s mulling a Chartered Speed IPO worth million.  An international corporation, Chartered Speed is considering the upcoming IPO for this April and hopes to raise the cash but hasn’t finalized the decision as of yet.  The company sells products under the name Chartered Speed, plus its … Read more

NSE IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

NSE IPO NSE, the Indian Stock Exchange, is considering an IPO that would amount to around billion dollars.  This information on the NSE IPO comes from sources close to the company, who know about the inside workings of the company.  The NSE IPO would be a dual listing, in India and on the Stockexchange. The company is located in … Read more

CAMS IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021-22

CAMS IPO CAMS is planning an IPO, although it has not yet filed.  The offshore marine helicopter company, based in Fort Lauderdale, has filed preliminary paperwork ahead of the expected announcement of the official filing of the CAMS IPO. This company is actually Registrar and Transferring agent.  It operates as a part of Seacorp called Aviation … Read more

LIC IPO: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

LIC IPO The much-awaited LIC IPO will not take place for at least another year, as signs given by the company indicated this week.  A document written by LIC executives for potential investors is the surest sign yet of things to come.  The document says the company plans to accumulate shareholders this year to a number above … Read more

Kotak Securities Brokerage Calculator For Free 2021 By Karmanullify

Kotak Securities Incorporated in 1994, Kotak Securities is a full services broker and is a part of very popular private Indian Bank. Kotak Mahindra bank has over 1400+ branches across India servicing more than 2.7 million as of Feburary 2021. Kotak Security is a full services broker offering wide range of investment options and research … Read more

NISM Series V C: Mutual Fund Distributors (Level 2) Certification Examination

Who Should Prepare NISM 5C Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination? This NISM Certification is Level 2 of NISM Mutual Fund Distributor Exam. After preparing for NISM Series V A, you can prepare for NISM V C. Although anyone who have interest in Mutual funds can prepare for this NISM Certification. After preparing for NISM Series … Read more

NISM Series V B: Mutual Fund Foundation Certification Examination

Who Should Prepare NISM 5B Mutual Fund Foundation Certification Examination? This NISM Certification mostly covers concepts related to Mutual funds . After preparing for NISM Series V B, you will learn about the basics of Mutual funds, NFO process, concepts of SID and SAI, Scheme Comparison to Benchmark, Demat account, Time-Stamping, Assessing Investment Requirement, Asset Allocation, Goal Oriented Planning and Expense Limits. Anyone who … Read more

Best Stock Broker in India in 2021

Best Stock Broker in India Are you new to stock market investing? Or do you dream of having a rewarding stock portfolio but don’t know where to start? Well, you need an expert stock broker to help you at every step of your market investment. Choice of a stock broker is very crucial as it … Read more

Cheap Stock Broker: Everything You Need To Know

Cheap Stock Broker

Cheap Stock Broker As an investor, choosing a broker is one of the most important decisions that one has to make. This decision should be made very judiciously as one’s profits may be influenced by the broker’s professional acumen. The first and the foremost thing that needs to be considered is whether one requires a full  service broker or a discount broker. A full service broker is also known as a traditional broker.  This type of broker interacts with the investor on a personal basis and is readily available for any buying and selling task. Moreover he or she offers investment ideas, prepares reports on the  investor’s portfolio, analyzes the performance of the investments and above all offers a variety of different research sources to the customers.  In exchange for this one-on-one service and guidance,  the traditional broker  charges  a  significantly high commission. On the other hand, a discount broker is beneficial to the do-it-yourself investor. This kind of broker does not offer investment advice. Discount broker are Cheap Stock Brokers. His or her role is restricted to simply executing the investor’s orders with respect to the purchase and sale of an investment. The commissions charged by discount brokers are relatively lower in comparison to those of traditional brokers.  If you fancy your chances of making some money on the stock market, then it may be a good  idea for you to get a good cheap stock broker to help you on your investment journey to make  some money.  If it’s your very first time trying your hand at this type of investment or you are already in the  game of investment but you can’t afford those high commission fees, then you should try to go  for a cheap  broker.  Going with a cheaper broker will definitely reduces your costs and quite possible open up more opportunities for you to make some extra money. Going with these discounted stock brokers will definitely help you in the journey to make money to cover some bills, as well as reduce your  trading costs. The truth is keeping down your trading costs is usually the key to making that extra profit. If  you have lower payouts in commission and other stock broker fees, you will have more money  for your portfolio and more money for you to invest in other lucrative financial instruments.  Therefore, getting a cheap stock broker is an excellent way to build your profitability, giving you the opportunity to take home that extra rupees. You will get the opportunity to do a large number of smaller trades without having to worry about the large commission fees which would  have been attracted if you went with other expensive stock brokers.  Isn’t this wonderful, you will be able to buy and sell a number of times with smaller amounts  of cash at extremely low commission fees. By choosing a cheap stock broker you will have an equal opportunity to make some money without having to worry too much about losing money because of high stock broker payouts.

Comparison Of Stock Brokers, Online Stock Trading Platform, Stock Market India

Comparison Of Stock Brokers

Have you researched for stock brokers online and got bombarded with endless options? Do all stock brokers offer client oriented valuable services? Well, though there are numerous stock brokers in the market, not all of them offer professional quality services. So, when you are looking for a stock broker, it is advisable to perform comparison of … Read more

Best Stockbrokers for IPO investments in 2021

Stockbroker for IPO investments

Stockbrokers for IPO investments Upstox Stock Broker. Axis Direct Stock Broker. IIFL Securities Stock Broker. HDFC Securities Stock Broker. Motilal Oswal Stock Broker. Upstox  Upstox is a brokerage firm with their office across the nation. They have established themselves well in the market and with so many services being offered by them, they have won the faith  and trust of their clients and are raring to go. Upstox is by far the best Stockbroker for IPO investments and also one of the best discount broker like Zerodha. Axis Direct Axis Direct is a subsidiary of the Axis bank which is … Read more

Advantages of Full Service Broker

Brokerage Firm

Advantages of Full Service Broker Do you want a broker to help you with advice on how to investment smartly? If you do, then you should be looking at a full service broker. But don’t take our word for it, here’s why you should choose a full service stockbroker. Full service stock brokers offer a … Read more

Value Investing: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide By Karmanullify

Value Investing

Value Investing There are many investment strategies used by a myriad of both individual and professional investors. Some prefer the growth strategy while others prefer a value approach. While both good in their own regard, a combination of the two trumps them both, and here’s why. In this post, We will discuss about Value Investing. … Read more

Tom Yam Kung Crisis : The Asian financial crisis of 1997

Tom Yam Kung Crisis

Tom Yam Kung Crisis Tom Yam Kung Crisis is 1997 Asian financial crisis. The crisis started in Thailand and then it spread to other Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore. Tom Yam Kung (or Tom Yam Gong) Crisis in 1997 made “Tom Yam Kung” well-known as one of the best Thai food menus which … Read more

NISM Series 10b: Investment Advisors (Level 2) Certification Examination

Who Should Prepare NISM 10b Certification Examination? NISM 10b is also known as NISM Investment Advisors (Level 2) Certification Examination. As Investment Advisors are very important profession in Securities Market, there are two levels in this module. Like Level 1 , this Level 2 of  Investment Advisors covers all the relevant  aspects of Investment Advisors in brief. As previously discussed must course for  those who work as … Read more

Basics Of Stock Market Investing

India investors

If you happen to be looking for a stock market crash course, this article will give you some insight on what it is and some common investment beliefs. The stock market is just a place where people come together to buy and sell stocks in different companies. If you pick strong companies that are likely … Read more

Share Brokers & Share Broking: A Beginner’s Guide

Share Brokers

Share brokers can make investing simple or even a hair pulling headache. Share investing is demanding but having Share brokers that fit your requirements it’ll be that significantly simpler. This website will provide you with ideas on what to look for in stock brokers. Easy Methods To Come Across Impressive Share Brokers Investment decision within the … Read more

Edelweiss Mutual Fund: What It Is And Why It Matters

Edelweiss Mutual Fund

Edelweiss Mutual Fund Set up on April 13, 2008, Standard Chartered Mutual Fund was sponsored by Edelweiss Financial Services Limited. Their Trustee is Edelweiss Trusteeship Company Limited. Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd. is their AMC which was incorporated with SEBI in 2008 during global economic slowdown. Edelweiss Mutual Fund India, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edelweiss … Read more

How to Survive in Volatile Market

Investing in the stock markets during tough times is certainly not easy. But you can rejuvenate your portfolio, with these few defensive moves you can make to meet your goals. #1 Hold cash If you see a further downside in your stocks, the easiest strategy to follow would be to cut positions across your equity … Read more

Top 5 Best Intraday Trading Books

Best Intraday Trading Books

Best Intraday Trading Books Electronic Day Traders’ Secrets This book features exclusive and entertaining interviews with several experienced day traders who talk about how they started trading and who share tips and strategies for becoming a successful electronic day trader. 2. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator This timeless, classic investment book was first published in … Read more

Stock Market Terms: The Only Guide You Need

Stock Market Terms

Stock Market Terms: If you want to invest or trade in Stock market, you should educate yourself with the terms that are frequently used. Here’s a mini guide that will help you through! If you have stepped on to the world of Stock Market, then you should equip yourself with the basic knowledge of stocks … Read more

History of Online Trading in India – KarmaNullify

Online Trading in India

Online trading has been offered in India since the few decades.  In its brief duration of existence, it has proved to be an essential improvement to the existing systems. Read more to find out about the history and the future of online share trading in India. When it comes to the history of online stock trading, it is no less than fascinating. Nothing short of revolutionary, in fact. Before the internet collided with the world of electronic stock trading to give rise to this unique trade, investors and stock traders used to call up a live broker to place their trade. Similarly the brokers used to call their clients or investors to sell their purchase of a stock. But that changed rapidly with the help of the internet. With a few clicks and keystrokes, investors can now take decisions and place their purchases or sell their stocks. Isn’t it amazing? In 1996, the Pune Stock Exchange was the first regional stock exchange to implement an online trading system to be at par with the systems in USA and mainland Europe. The project was initially undertaken by a government enterprise and was successfully completed under the name Vector System. With this new system in place brokers did not have to assemble themselves in the trading ring to get their orders executed. They could just conduct their trading by sitting in their cushy offices and would be connected to the main terminal of the stock exchange through a LAN or Local Area Network connection.  The orders then would be compiled during the trading hours and they would match the orders. Once the trade was matched it would instantly inform the members so that they can see the trade on their screens. Along with that the system implemented transparency for investors when it came to rate of securities, market trends, liquidity etc. The Securities & Exchanges Board of India (SEBI) finally approved the report on Internet Trading that was brought out by the SEBI Committee itself on Internet Based trading and Services during the year 2000.  The report instructed that trading would take place through order routing systems and it will route the orders of clients to the trading systems for execution. Any client sitting anywhere with internet access would be able to purchase or sell stocks using the broker’s trading systems. Any SEBI registered broker could introduce internet based trading after they obtained a permission from their respective Stock Exchanges for the same. SEBI had placed a list of minimum conditions that needed to be fulfilled by the trading members so that they could start internet based online trading and services as soon as they wanted to. The NSE was the first exchange that allowed its members to provide internet based online trading services to its clients. According to SEBI’s directives, NSE issued circulars that had all the requirements and procedures present with great detail related to online trading. As for the future, stock trading will continue to evolve as technology keeps evolving. There will surely be more development of software applications for trading. Many brokerage firms do provide mobile based trading applications so that you can trade on the go.  Along with that mobile trading services can actually provide you the same services that you would get if you access it from your desktop computer. Brokerage firms will keep improving their stock trading capabilities not only to retain customers but to make the entire process of trading stocks easier and simpler. The history of online stock trading in India may be a brief one but it is becoming stronger day by day. The future holds a knowledge based and rock solid system for stock trading which will provide greater access to trading in global markets as well.