Karmanullify has has been developed and designed to make individual’s personal financing needs easier and faster.

NBFCs play a crucial role in the Indian economy. Karmanullify gives this ecosystem the digital tools they need to support their businesses, empowering micro, small and medium enterprises at a critical time – as the country undergoes a major digital transformation amidst COVID-19.

We also provide NISM Certification Courses. It’s an exam for those who wants to pursue career options in Stock Market. NISM consists of X series. Each series is solely for one career options.

For Example NISM V series is for those students who wants to become Mutual Fund Distributor while NISM VIII is for those who want to become Stock Brokers and various other jobs related to it.

And my team is specialize in teaching all these exam series. Even though I have taught classes for almost all NISM series, the bulk of my experience has been in working with NISM V and NISM VIII. Although we will provide knowledge about all NISM series as we are group of experts working together.

We have also Surveyed more than 100 students on their opinion about NISM and NCFM certifications. The results are quite fascinating. You can check this case study here

Recently, my focus has shifted to train Finance Enthusiast and anyone who have interest in Stock Market. Now whenever there’s an opportunity to share Investing knowledge with with a person who eager to learn to make their life better, I eagerly take that opportunity to teach.

We have even Surveyed 1500+ Investors on their opinion about Mutual funds. You can check this case study here.

Please keep that in my mind we don’t sell investing tips here. This website is only for gaining knowledge to prepare for NISM exams. There are some Stock Market and mutual funds related concepts in NISM syllabus. That’s why, we sometimes cover those topic. We have team of experience teachers who make sure that study material is accurate and up to date.

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