Karmanullify has been developed and designed to make individual’s personal financing needs easier and faster.

NBFCs play a crucial role in the Indian economy. Karmanullify gives this ecosystem the digital tools they need to support their businesses, empowering micro, small and medium enterprises at a critical time – as the country undergoes a major digital transformation amidst COVID-19.

According to a report by BCG, close to 800 million Indians from 160 million households (60 percent) in the low to mid-income segment do not have access to formal credit. By 2025, this number would increase to 200 million households. 

In Microfinance sector, there are around 500 million lower middle income customers in 4000+ small cities in India.

To reach these customers, we have bulit an software which improves the efficiency of our Employee partners. Our employee partners sell Investment products like Insurance, savings and loans to customers through their respective NBFCs. Currently we partner with 5 NBFCs.

We are strong believer in India’s digital lending opportunity.