Meet Woman Entrepreneur Who Provide Employment To More Than 500 Woman In India

Most Women in India are trapped in patriarchal societies . So, to become entrepreneur in India for women is challenging task.

Women Entrepreneurs in India not only have to spend time in their business related activities but also need to take responsibilities pertaining to home which makes their work even more challenging. So, Women Empowerment is necessary to uplift the status and to improve the living condition of women in India.

As we all know that Dalit women in India are the biggest victims of the oppressive caste system which treats people of lower caste as untouchables. Fortunately, things are changing in urban areas where people are realizing that discriminating a person for their caste is wrong but in some rural areas of India, tough actions should be taken to fight against this ruthless caste system which negatively affects the Unity of India.

As a growing up in Gondia village in Nagpur district, her life is full of challenges. She was born in poor family. Due to this, she was unable to complete her higher education because of her parents economic condition.

After being widowed, She started working at Microfinance company in India to independently raise her two kids. After gaining a lot of business experience in this sector, she decided to start her own microfinance company. This company mostly work for women empowerment in India by providing jobs to woman of backward caste and needy women in India.

This company focused primarily on economic development of women. She believes that improvement in economical conditions would improve the living standards of poor and lower caste women.

Despite being uneducated Sushma Nandeshwar has started (GSBS Sanstha) . She took great effort towards educating and empowering women of mostly backward caste by providing them various income generation opportunities. She works actively for women empowerment and condemn gender based discrimination in workforce.

Other challenges she had to face while starting her venture is the unavailability of educated workforce and capital. So, she decided to train her employees about the business related activities of her company. This trainings include selection of marketing ventures, conduct and participation in weekly meetings, regular savings bank operations, etc.

As NBFCs, Micro-enterprises and Microfinance companies affected drastically by the Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, Entrepreneurs of these segments will recover from tough times soon..

After starting this company, she has reached out to more than 500 poor women and also improved their economical situations through her efforts. This company have dedicated staffs that carry out various programmes and activities. It is basically an social organisation for the self development of women.

The Business model of this company is to support needy woman by providing them small and short term loans which will help them to to start an income generation activity or their own small business. Their collective bargaining power helps them to undertake big projects without worrying about collateral securities which simplifies their earning process dramatically.

As a result, these women started indulging in various income generating activities in a wide range of areas such as Mutual fund agency, LIC agency, agriculture, gym, horticulture, tailoring, school, etc. They even started programmes to promote cattle care and protection and also spread awareness about organic farming techniques and activities.

The above pictures is taken when these women were celebrating 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr Br Ambedkar. For women empowerment and annihilation of caste in India, Ambedkar plays a vital role. So, Dr Br Ambedkar is the hero of India who not only fight against caste system but also empowered Indian women by his actions. That’s why Ambedkar is hero for both untouchables and feminists.

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