Radhika Gupta: Women with a broken neck builds a ₹300 Billion Mutual fund house and now appointed as vice chairman of Amfi

Radhika gupta

What do you do when you have broken neck? Your life may seem miserable because you may feel like you are missing out on so many things you are unable to do. This is the story of a woman with a broken neck, who was born with a disability. We are talking about Radhika Gupta who is … Read more

Meet Woman Entrepreneur Who Provide Employment To More Than 500 Woman In India

Most Women in India are trapped in patriarchal societies . So, to become entrepreneur in India for women is challenging task. Women Entrepreneurs in India not only have to spend time in their business related activities but also need to take responsibilities pertaining to home which makes their work even more challenging. So, Women Empowerment … Read more