RKSV is a private online stock brokerage company based in Mumbai, India. It was established in 2009 by 3 co founders namely: Ravi Kumar, Raghu Kumar and Shrinivas Vishwanath. RKSV stands for the initials of its founders who had around 25 years of combined experience of trading in developed markets.

Before the inception of the company, two of its founders, Ravi and Raghu Kumar happened to run their own proprietary trading fund for almost three years in the US, before they moved to India. Owing to this, during the first three years after being founded, the company only engaged in proprietary trading.

Trading Sector:

However, in 2012, RKSV set foot into the retail trading sector with the aim of transforming the way the brokerage industry worked. It planned to do this by adopting the strategy of drastically reducing the online stock trading costs.

In a matter of a few years, RKSV has now established itself as the largest low-cost brokerage firm in the country with a vast customer base which runs in thousands.

RKSV has memberships with BSE, NSE, MCX and MCX SX. The company offers the retail institutions and the institutional corporations the facility to invest in stocks, futures, options as well as currencies and commodities at rates much lower than the traditional full service brokers.

It provides the investors the liberty to place orders using an electronic trading platform or by phone. RKSV, being a member of all the major exchanges of the country, gives the members the benefit of direct access to all of them from a single trading platform.

Hence, the members can trade across all asset classes and all exchanges from a single platform.

RKSV has a user-friendly and simple trading interface which can be easily used by anyone. It also has powerful tools which aid the use to take the right decisions. The company boasts of a stellar 5000+ crores of daily turnover and thousands of satisfied customers across India.

It has a very responsive customer service desk which typically answers calls in 30 seconds or less and speaks in over 10 languages. RKSV provides its investors free equity delivery trading. The trading intraday and F&O is just Rs. 20 per trade.

The customers also get a free mobile app for android and iPhone to make the process easier and hassle-free. The user-friendly online trading platform and the exceptionally low rates ensure that the customers get the best-in-class trading experience at low prices.

Why Trust RKSV Securities?

RKSV is a SEBI certified company with an impeccable track record. RKSV is changing the traditional model of the brokerage business mainly by attracting the high value traders with their exceptionally low commissions.

It’s online presence has made it very popular among the investors. Clients can pay a nominal monthly fee and then trade as much as they want. RKSV has changed the scenario in the brokerage industry by eliminating the unnecessary overhead costs and passing on the savings to the customers.

The company believes in empowering the customers with the tools and means they require to meet their end goals. The powerful and efficient online trading tools aid the customers in taking better and informed trading decisions.

Another great feature offered by RKSV is its innovative free delivery trading. The pricing plan enables the customers to get free delivery trading for life. This is a great option for the investors who wish to hold on to their equity positions and make long term investments. It is also a great way to hedge against the intraday trading.

RKSV Securities tools:

RKSV has quite innovative and easy to use online tools which include brokerage calculator, span calculator and options strategy builder. It can be accessed on the desktop, web, tablet and mobile and hence provides a hassle free experience to the customers.

RKSV also enables the customers to directly open a demat account if they don’t have one already. The fees charged by the company are lowest in the country and it charges quite low transaction charges.

RKSV also provides the option of powerful online education. It offers online videos and other curriculum to school the newcomers as well as the experts alike. The platform is self-directed and quite easy to use. It also offers online quizzes to test the progress.

The mission of RKSV is to create innovative options for the retail traders and investors, which equips them with the latest and best trading platform at an unbeatable price. The company strives to do this by leveraging the best technology to provide an excellent customer experience.