Laxmi Organic Industries IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO

Laxmi Organic Industries is planning an IPO, although it has not yet filed.  The offshore marine helicopter company, based in Fort Lauderdale, has filed preliminary paperwork ahead of the expected announcement of the official filing of the Laxmi Organic Industries IPO. The chopper company is actually owned by Seacorp Holdings, which acquired Laxmi Organic Industries in 2021.  It operates as a part of Seacorp called Aviation Services.

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO Size

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO Size is around Rs 800 crores. Laxmi Organic Industries operates helicopters for marine transportation for a variety of purposes, including offshore oil drilling, search and rescue operations, and sightseeing trips. 

The company operates marine transportation as third party entity worldwide and Era Helicopters is based in Lake Charles, Louisiana.   Era is is a specialty chemicals company

No date  has yet been named in the upcoming Laxmi Organic Industries IPO, nor has the number of shares been disclosed, but it will be offering Class A common stock.  They plan to raise $50 million and to be listed on the NSE Stock Exchange with the ticker ERA.  

The capital raised will be used to repay advances from SEACORP, which owns 100% of Era outstanding common stock.  SEACORP will still be the controlling stock holder after the Laxmi Organic Industries IPO.


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