What is Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC)?

If you have a regular deal with a bank you may know about the banks in India, which are offering which products, interest rates, etc. The banking industry of India is growing fast with entry of lots of new private sector banks along with foreign banks entry into the country. The public sector banks are … Read more

Want To Get Loan On Your FD Or Mutual Funds ? The Ultimate Guide To Cash Credit Loan And Overdraft Loans

In recent times, the popularity of mutual funds has been increasing at astonishing speed. Numerous people are investing their hard-earned money in mutual funds and slowly but steadily, mutual funds are making place in the hearts of masses. They are absolutely easy to use and even people with little or no knowledge can make big … Read more

NSDL Full Form And It’s Meaning: By KarmaNullify

NSDL Full Form NSDL Full Form is National Security Depository Limited and CDSL full form is Central Depository Services (India) Limited. As name suggests, NSDL and CDSL are depositories of India. The Depository Participants of NSDL and CDSL has  formed Depository  Participants  Association of India (DPAI). The first proposal to form such an association was made during  a Depository Participant’s meeting held on 23rd July 1999 at Mumbai. It came into existence on 20th September 1999 at New Delhi. The association got registered under the Societies Registration Act,1860 on 21st December 1999. The meeting was attended by representatives from well- known DPs like Stock Holding Corporation India Limited (SHCIL), Centurian Bank, ANZ Grindlay Bank and many more.  During this meeting an ad hoc committee was constituted for framing bye-laws of the  proposed  Association. The committee was headed  by unanimously  elected  Mr.V.D. Aggarwal, Chairman of Abhipra Capital Limited.  The committee under his guidance framed bye-laws and successfully  got it approved  during  … Read more

Standalone VS Consolidated Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements

Standalone VS Consolidated Financial Statements: Financial Statements are very crucial while doing Fundamental analysis of a company. Financial Statements are available in company’s Annual report. Financial statements provide information on debt and liabilities of a company, it’s balance sheet, cashflow statements and also Profit and loss statements are provided in financial statements of a company. … Read more