Zerodha vs Sharekhan: Which One Should You Pick?

With the rise in trading in stock market over the decades, there has been an equally steady rise in the number of brokerage firms here as well. When one is looking to trade with one of these brokers, especially the beginners, one can be really anxious as to who should they choose.

All of these brokerage firms have different sets of advantages and disadvantages which can be really intriguing for a person. A basic overview of some of the best brokers can be really helpful in such a situation. So here we go on enlisting some of the best in India.

Zerodha vs Sharekhan:

Sharekhan is a brokerage firm which stands out for its long withstanding dependability. They have time and again proved their sovereignty and supremacy through their brand of services.

With some really low charges on their overall services, they have managed to hold on to their clients amongst all the competition. A lot of research and regular market updates, with online trading and availability on a host of different platforms makes it a near winner in the race of best stock brokers in India.

Zerodha is a very close competitor with very similar qualifications as Sharekhan. It allows to trade in commodity sector with charges Rs. 20 flat or 0.01% whichever is lower.

Now that is some real lucrative offer for a commodity trader. Moreover, it offers a leverage of upto 3 times for commodities and Intraday. No surprise here if Zerodha finds its name among one of the best share brokers in India.

Depending on the personal requirements and what you tries to achieve in the market, these brokerage firms can really help him pull up while trading in the markets.

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