Tradejini is a leading financial services company founded in July 2010 and is based in Bengaluru, India. The company is a member of the major stock exchanges namely BSE, NSE, MCX and MCX SX. Since its inception, the company has come a long way into becoming one of the highly sought after online brokerage companies. The retail services offered by the company range across currencies, commodities and equities.

The primary objective of the company is to cater to the needs of its customers in the field of retail trading. The company strives to provide the best services at the most economical brokerage rates, thus becoming a hot favourite among the customers. The company goes beyond the traditional barriers of brokerage and has hence caught the attention of the investors. It trades in equities, derivatives, currencies and commodities.

Tradejini uses a perfect blend of experience and innovation to provide the customers with a seamless trading solution. It provides the customers an integrated trading platform for all trading areas- equities, commodities, derivatives and currencies. The technologically high touch ‘client centric service’ model offered by Tradejini is the first of its kind.

It is very economically suited to the customers with as little as Rs. 20 per executive order charged irrespective of the value of the transaction.

With its new innovative methods replacing the old ones, Tradejini is breaking the barriers of percentage brokerage. All in all, Tradejini is emerging as one stop solution for the customers with its triple benefit of offering a good platform along with great service and unbelievably economical pricing.

The main attraction of Tradejini is its simple pricing option which provides the customers with excellent services at a great value. It offers amazing flexibility with just Rs. 20 per transaction brokerage fees regardless of the size of the trade or the segment. The pricing for trading is Rs. 20 or .01% whichever is less, while for delivery trades it is Rs. 20 or .10% whichever is less. There are no turnover commitments and no software maintenance charges as well.

The customers don’t need to pay any minimum deposit. Also, there are no hidden charges. So, all the services come at a great price with no hidden charges. There is no percentage brokerage involved and the trading is straightforward. The price of Rs. 20 per executed order is possibly the lowest in the industry..

Tradejini has a nice trading platform on which the customers can trade anytime and anywhere. On the one hand, being fully-featured makes it suitable for the sophisticated trader, it’s helpful and intuitive features also make it friendly for a novice. It offers integrated market watch for the following: equities, derivatives, commodities and currencies as well.

The company offers live streaming quotes and live intraday charts. The customers get the benefits of fast order entry, customizable alerts and technical analysis as well. All these features make it a very convenient option available to the customers.

Tradejini employs various innovative tools to aid the customers in achieving their investing as well as trading goals. The customers can therefore expect much more benefits than just low commissions. The company helps and supports its customers in successfully accomplishing their goals.

The company provides free streaming quotes to all its customers. It also provides all its customers a free mobile app. The company also has a high touch client centric service model and all of this is offered at exceptionally low rates and without any hidden charges.

Tradejini believes that it owes much of its success to the loyalty of its clients and the word of mouth referrals which made it popular among the people. To express its gratitude towards them, Tradejini has started a referral program, also known as the Friends and Family Referral Program. This program provides additional earnings to those members who refer any of their friend, family member or colleague to Tradejini.

So, the account holders have a chance to gain more benefits besides those already provided, by taking advantage of the reputation and success of Tradejini. The company strives to provide its clients with the latest news and offer them the most cutting edge tools. It is completely committed to its clients and strives to provide them the best platforms and rate feeds.

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OverallTradejini offers decent services that gives customer satisfaction and a great trading platform for themThe 30 day trial period is another eyecatching offer by Tradejini where one can learn all about trading without spending a single pennyWith Tradejiniyou can get great exposure with low brokerage and low transaction chargesmaking your trade results profitable at the end of the day.

To further help its usersTradejini has come up with “Jiniversity” which helps them get acquainted with the fundamentals and tactics in tradingmaking them aware of investment returns and get a thorough idea on stocksthereby making it a great trading platform in India.

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