How Stock brokers can help you time the market?

The stock market is a volatile and irrational place. But, then again it’s the volatility that attracts so many traders and investors to it in the first place. If it was boring and mundane, it would not garner the attention that it normally receives, would it?

With the volatility comes a sense of danger, adventure and the risk of losing money along with the chance of making money. Another thing that greatly influences the market, and in turn makes it more volatile is emotion.

Emotions are an irrelevant baggage in the stock market, yet most people can’t get rid of it. The ones who can make great trades and end up with a lot of profit. The ones who can’t, lose money because they do not think with their head.

If you are a novice trader, you will realize that the stock market cannot be tamed, but you can still work it to your advantage. There will be hoards of self-proclaimed financial experts who will offer a lot of free advice, but it’s advisable not to pay much attention to them.

Brokers are your best friend when it comes to the stock market, especially for a trader or investor who is just starting out. The stock market is a lonely world when you think of it, and pretty ruthless.

So, it pays when you have someone beside you, guiding you and chalking your every move to reduce risks and chances of losing money in the market.

How can Stock Brokers Help You Time the Market?

Stock brokers clearly have more knowledge than an average trader, so it is advisable that you seek their help to circumnavigate the stock market. Here are a few ways how a stock broker can help you:

  • Research

    Stock brokers have access to research reports, analysis and other information. For you it would be time-consuming and difficult to gather such materials for trading. Not only that, it might not even be worth your time and money to gather so many resources. Hence, it is better to opt for a stock broker who has such resources at their disposal for easy trading.
  • Tools

    A stock broker has a wide array of statistical tools and software that help you to invest your money in the stock market. As an individual you might not get access to such tools but if you approach a broker, these tools are pretty much accessible and easy to use.
  • Access

    When you opt for a broker, you opt for access. That may be access to tools, research or even access to private equities, hedge funds and foreign stocks. Some online stock brokers even provide access to free Mutual fund and ETF fund trading. With a stock broker, your stock market adventure is not limited to the domestic market only, you get to access the global markets as well.
  • Promptness

    When you are trading in the stock market, especially when it comes to short-term trades, it is extremely important that you are prompt. With a stock broker, you will be able to set up strategies and instructions who will execute your requests when you cannot do it yourself. If it was up to you, you might have lost the opportunity but since you have your broker beside you, you didn’t.


Of course, it is impossible for anyone including your broker to predict the market. It will always remain volatile.

But with the help of research and the tools at your disposal thanks to your broker, you can reduce the uncertainty of the market up to a certain extent.

You can reduce the amount of risk involved and make trades based on technical analysis. Full service stock brokers will help you monitor your portfolio, giving you personalized advice so that you can maximize your profits.

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