Top 5 Share Market Websites – Find Best Stock Market Sites in India

Top 5 Share Market Websites

If you are a investor or trader, you have to stay updated with the latest news in the financial sector on the go. Earlier, people had to rely on the TV and print news for that information, later with the advent of internet you could get the news on your computer and now with smartphones, you can get all the latest news and information anywhere on the go.

1. MoneyControl

It does not matter if you are a professional or a novice trying to learn the trick of the trade, having MoneyControl is a great way to track the stock market. It helps you to manage and track your own investment portfolio.

Along with that you can read real-time stock quotations from every market in the world, while gathering in-depth knowledge while you do so. You can choose to watch Live TV on the app as well for analysis of the stock markets. This app is available for Windows, Android as well as iOS users. Moneycontrol is the best and most popular Share Market Website in India which gets millions of views per month.

2. NSE

The free NSE app will prove to be an extremely important tool for monitoring the stock market. One of the greatest advantages of this app is that it is extremely easy to use. With a simple user interface, the NSE Mobile app provides real time quotes and is available to both iOS and Android users.

3. StockWatch

This is one of the highest rated mobile-based applications that let smartphone users keep a tab on the domestic and the global economy. You can use it to follow all the important stock-exchanges in India. The app offers all sorts of market news, futures and options, equity futures and options, intraday charts and company stock quotes.

4. Yahoo Finance

The Yahoo! Finance app offers you a broad range of coverage depending on your country and region. You will get relevant quotes and all information from prices of commodities to latest news in the market. It offers you daily summaries and a watch-list for stocks that you want to follow. You can also view your Yahoo Finance profile from a PC if you want to. You can go beyond tracking stocks and track companies, commodities and more with this. Yahoo Finance is the one of the oldest and most popular Share Market Website available.

5. Angel Swift

Angel Swift is a secure trading application for smartphones from Angel Broking. It gives clients already registered with Angel Broking a mobile platform to track as well as trade in the Indian Markets. With its user-friendly interface, you can adjust the view depending on your bandwidth availability.

You also have the convenience of customization and following multiple markets at the same time. You also have the facilities to monitor and manage your account including your order and trade books, net position, funds and portfolio.

You can also directly access all the research and analysis offered by Angel Broking, including historical charts, latest prices, company earnings in each quarter, reports etc.

These were the top 5 Share Market Websites one should know. And if you wants to pursue career in Stock Market in India then read about NISM Certifications.

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