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Rediff Money

Rediff Money is an Financial Website which also provides mutual fund investment options. They offer schemes in equity as well as debt. The various schemes are listed below here.

Rediff Money portfolio

Rediff Money Equity Plans:

Nifty Junior Index Fund

Nifty Index Fund.

Rediff Money Debt Plans:

Liquid Fund

Ultra Short Term Fund

Nifty Junior Index Fund.

This scheme has both growth and dividend options. The dividend can be received directly as cash or reinvested. The face value is 10 rupees. The minimum investment is 5000 rupees and further investment is in multiples of 100 rupees.

Additional purchase of 1000 rupees is allowed. Entry load is nil. The exit load is 1%, if the units are sold on or before 1 year of the allotment of the units. It is for both NFO and SIP. Moreover, it has SIP plans. Systematic investment plans allows monthly installments.

The monthly options are multiples of 100 rupees for at least 12 months or multiples of 100 rupees for at least 6 months. The quarterly options are multiples of Rs. 100 per quarter for a minimum period of four quarters. ?

Rediff Portfolio

This is a new fund offer introduced on 7th July 2010. It is an open ended liquid scheme. The units are offered at 10 rupees. Later, the cost will change according to the NAV based prices. This scheme has both growth and dividend options.

The dividend options have subcategories. They are weekly, monthly and daily dividends. The entry load is not applicable. The exit load is nil. 5000 rupees is the minimum investment. SIP has monthly and quarterly options.

Rediff Money one of the Best Financial Website offers a fully transparent dealing room, tight spreads and attractive bonuses. Rediff Money is giving you the opportunity to learn everything about trading, with: free webinars, online and offline courses, one-on-one training sessions, a demo account, etc. 

SEBI Authorized offering a Quality service. The broker uses the Rediff Money and offers a No Requote, No Comission Policy. Straight Through Processing with Market Execution Processing; 24 hour Support. Paypal Authorized Forex Broker. 

Straight through processor offering huge 500:1 leverage. Segregated accounts with no minimum balance.

Also have Personal trading coach and 1 on 1 trading sessions. Innovative trading platform featuring animated characters to represent each currency. Perfect for beginners.

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