Top 3 Reasons Why Recessions Happen!

Top 3 Reasons Why Recessions Happen!

Ask anyone Why we have recessions and you will get many different reasons. Most of these people receive their information from mainstream media and the federal government. After reading this, you will definitely feel different about the way we receive our economic information.

#1 The Federal Reserve.

According to the federal government’s definition, they say that the federal reserve is a government run organization to protect the public. This is not true. The federal reserve is not a government run organization. It’s not even regulated. It’s a private cartel. They can do whatever they want.

Their primary job is to continue to bail out Wall Street and Crooked banks with their foolish spending – A huge reason why recessions happen. There’s not enough gold in the federal reserve right now to back the printing of our money.

This will allow the dollar to lose it’s purchasing power while our cost of living keeps going up. If you have any gold right now, Keep It.

This is Why this recession will last another 5 years. Experts on the “inside” predict that there will be enough gold in the federal reserve to back our money which will level off our cost of living, the US dollar gaining back it’s purchasing power, and drastically reduce “hyperinflation.”

#2 Economic Figures and Statistics are “Falsely” reported.

This may shock you, it sure did me. The federal government and mainstream media continue to Under Report the statistics. This leads to false economic rebirth and job growth.

When this happens, the public receives bad financial and investing advice from their financial planners or Stock brokers leading to more personal financial loss!

Here is an example of an underreported statistic. The Unemployment rate. You may think this is not true. Why? Because that’s what the evening news is telling you and you’re believing it! They don’t report the U6 figure in this. Which is the total number of Unemployed, Underemployed and Part time workers.

And the definition of employment: an occupation by which a person earns a living; work; business. Right now, you can’t earn a living working part time or being Underemployed in this economy!

You getting the picture on why recessions happen?

#3 Our Education of Money !

We have no real education about money. We haven’t been taught how money actually works in schools and other continuing education platforms. The “insiders” predict that the Middle Class will be wiped out.

Americans are spending .05 for every they earn. As our dollar value decreases by 50%, our cost of living goes up 100%.If the dollar decreases by 75%, our cost of living goes up 300%!

We also continue to invest in “Old Economic” strategies persuaded by financial planners and brokers when it’s obvious we live in a “new economy” and therefore “new Economic” strategies must be in place in order to prosper in any economy!

So you see the importance of understanding how money actually works.

Why Recessions are Good. The ulta wealthy know that when most people are suffering, the smart and well educated profit from it! Just like Warren Buffett said: “When people are buying spring jackets, I’ll be buying winter coats!” Which means: if you continue to ‘follow the herd’ in this day and age, you will get “crushed”!

The Bottom Line: When we are uneducated about something we need to know, we are at a huge disadvantage! The reasons why recessions happen is that we are Uneducated about money, Uneducated about the “system” and continue to ‘follow the herd’ which will lead to major financial and economic demise!

The conspiracy against you will live on if you choose to ignore it!

Anything I Missed?

So these are Top 3 Reasons Why Recessions Happen.

There you go guys, take all these points into account when entering the stock market.

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