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#1. Rohit offers his unit in an liquid scheme, for repurchase at 3:30 pm. What would be the applicable NAV for the repurchase?

The Applicable NAV for the repurchase for any mutual fund scheme is determine through cut off time:


  • If Repurchase happens before 3 pm then the Applicable NAV for the repurchase is Closing NAV of date of application.

  •  if Repurchase happens after 3 pm then the Applicable NAV for the repurchase is Closing NAV of Next business day.

#2. Credit rating agencies helps an investor to judge the

Credit rating agencies  helps an investor to check payback capacity of company.

#3. If unit holder pledged their units then they

After pledging, unit holder can’t sell them unless they return the money.

They also can’t switch their units into another scheme

But they can do additional purchase in the same account.

#4. Which among the following option do not affect a debt fund?

Movements in a company’s share price

to whom debt is given

will not affect a debt fund.

#5. Which among the following option is correct for a growth stock?

There are two types of Stock:

  1. Growth stock = stock which shows above average growth.

  2. Value stock = stock which is undervalued in the market.

As growth stock shows above average growth so it is good for high capital appreciation.

#6. Which among the following documents AMC can not provide to investors for inspection?

As per rules, documents which investors can demand to AMC for inspection are as follows:

  1. Consent of auditors and legal advisors.

  2. Investment management agreement.

  3. Memorandum and Articles of Association.

But AMC can’t provide reports through which Actual investments are made by fund manager. Confidential document like this one if made public then investor will copy the strategy and don’t need Fund Manager at all.

#7. Fluctuations in bonds when interest rate changes. This risk is known as

  • In Reinvestment risk, it may not be possible to reinvest interest received at the same rate as principal.

    For instance;

    FD’s initial interest rate could be different from the interest rate of the day of maturity.

    So there is risk involve in reinvestment. This risk is known as Reinvestment risk.

  • Call risk: When investor invest in bonds but the issuer could  call back bonds. this risk is known as Call risk.

While term inflation risk does not exist. So, Fluctuations in bonds when interest rate changes, this risk is known as Interest rate risk.

#8. Mutual fund (AMC) under all it's scheme must not own more than

#9. In (SIP) Systematic Investment Plan,

As shares are fluctuating throughout the period, the NAV is also changing.

To tackle this, SIP offers benefit of Rupee cost averaging.

It provides average cost of varied NAV throughout the period.

#10. Performance of any fund can be compare to it's


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Job opportunities in Stock Market:

India is fast emerging as talent pool of highly skilled manpower, accessed by global corporations. The economic growth of India in current decade has created millions of semi-skilled and skilled jobs in India. Most students after 12th in India either want to become engineer or doctor.

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Educational Institutions have emerged all around the country to impart the required education. However, a majority of these institutions suffer from lack of trained Faculty.

Consequently the students coming out of these Institutions suffer a critical gap between their skill levels and those demanded by Business and Industries all over the world. Shri Narayanmurthy, Co-foundar of Infosys has commented that out of the student coming out of these institutions hardly 10% are employable.

There are also a number of Professionals engaged in sectors like IT, Banking, Insurance, Securities, etc who seek specific domain knowledge.

Karmanullify would like to play an effective role to help students to explore more job opportunities in finance sector. It is the intention of Karmanullify to offer a wide range of stock market courses.

Initially, however, the offering will be limited to NISM Courses, Share Market Courses as well as NCFM courses.

Easiest way to get job in Stock Market :

The easiest way to get job in this field after 12th is to become mutual fund distributor. To become mutual fund distributor you need to clear NISM VA. We provide free study material of NISM VA and one can prepare for this exam in 1-2 months. You will get complete detail about mutual fund distributor and NISM exam here. Nism VA is easiest among all these exams.

These NISM questions are for noobs to learn about Mutual funds and it also covered the concepts of NISM Syllabus. This cover only very basic questions. Concepts are very simple and beginner friendly. There is explanation for each questions which needs further explanation.

Questions here are very simple and beginner friendly compare to our other NISM Certifications quizzes. There is no negative marking. There are options out of which one or more can be correct. Anyone who will solve this quiz will get very basic knowledge about financial investments.

This questions are designed in such a way that even a kid can get benefit from it. For beginners, it is recommended to solve it again and again to get all the concepts thoroughly.

List of Share Market Courses in India:

  • National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)
  • NSE Certification on Financial Markets (NCFM )
  • MCX Certified Commodity Professional (MCCP)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • In addition its has its own exclusive courses for Investment and Trading.

Karmanullify provide placement assistance for jobs after clearing this exam especially with brokerage houses. The job opportunities are in the following areas: Dealing, Marketing, Middle Management, Top Management in Brokerage Houses and even also help to get various Jobs in Stock Exchanges, Commodity Exchanges, Currency Exchanges and Depositories.

These Share Market Courses are suitable for :

  • Students pursuing education in Commerce and Business Management
  • Investors and Traders in Financial and Commodities Market
  • Professionals seeking careers in Financial and Commodities Market
  • Producers and Consumers of Commodities
  • IT Professional seeking Financial Sector Domain Knowledge
  • Treasury Managers.

National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)

Nism courses are best for security market professionals like Investment advisors, equity dealer, mutual fund distributor and Stock broker.

Nism courses are best and even SEBI has made it compulsory if you want to become stock broker, mutual fund agent, etc. You will get complete detail of Nism certifications from here.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course is given by Financial Planning Standards Board of India (FPSB). There are 4 modules. The course prepares the candidates as Investment Planning Advisors guiding people in investment across various asset classes to ensure financial security at older age.

Banks and Insurance companies require large number of CFPs. A very good course for Graduates and Post graduates to improve their employability. The modules are:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax & Estate Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Risk Management Module

FTKMC Modules:

Financial Technologies Knowledge Management Company (FTKMC) is a sister organization of Financial Technologies Limited (FTM). FTM is the promoter of Multi Commodities Exchange of India Limited (MCX), the largest commodities derivatives exchange in India.

FTKMC is currently engaged in spreading education on Commodities Futures in India and abroad through its various structured modules. The Modules are:

  • Commodities Futures (MCCP)
  • Currency Futures
  • Interest Rate Futures.

If you are confused by the detailed list of all these certifications than you can just prepare for NISM VA. It is easiest exam and very beginner friendly and one can easily clear this exam after 12th.

If you have any doubt please comment below.

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