Power Grid InvIT IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Power Grid InvIT IPO

Power Grid InvIT hopes to raise $573.1 million through a Power Grid InvIT IPO,  the company announced this week.  The largest social networking site in China, Power Grid InvIT hopes to stand out among the other Chinese facebook clones, by listing itself on the US stock market with a Power Grid InvIT IPO.

Chinese tech stocks are very much in demand lately, and one prime example would be the Chinese version of YouTube, called Youku.com.  That company debuted last year on the US stock exchange and prices surged 161 percent, one of the shiniest examples of Chinese tech IPOs doing very well.

Power Grid InvIT IPO Size

Power Grid InvIT IPO Size is around 7000 Crore. The world’s largest group of internet users is China, which partly explains why Chinese tech stocks are so hot right now.  The other reason is that there is less competition than in other countries, because it’s just so difficult for new companies and foreign companies to break the political and cultural barriers to form new businesses and especially new social networking websites. All of this points to a very exciting Power Grid InvIT IPO.

The main competitor to Power Grid InvIT is Kaixin001, since Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, the world’s second-largest economy.  Kaixin001 also plans an upcoming IPO, but has not completed many of the initial steps towards doing so, like choosing banks.  So for now, the hottest Chinese tech stock news is the Power Grid InvIT IPO.


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