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NSE, the Indian Stock Exchange, is considering an IPO that would amount to around billion dollars.  This information on the NSE IPO comes from sources close to the company, who know about the inside workings of the company.  The NSE IPO would be a dual listing, in India and on the Stockexchange.

The company is located in Indiaand deals mostly in trading commodities such as minerals, grain, metals, and oil.  They own a major portion of the company Xstrata, which is a mining company.  The fate of the NSE IPO is closely tied to the economy, since any company dealing in mining probably deals heavily with companies.

The Stock Exchange has been doing well lately, with billion raised last year.  That represents a doubling of the money raised  in the previous year.  And NSE has been doing well, too.  Last year there was positive speculation here and there on a NSE IPO, which encouraged management. 

They were able to raise billion in convertible bonds.  The investors that followed could convert their holdings into stock if NSE goes public. They are Zijin Mining Group, a sovereign wealth fund,  First Reserve ( a private equity firm), and the asset manager named BlackRock.

NSE IPO Valuation

NSE is valued somewhere around some billion dollars.  A NSE IPO would mean about 20% of the company would be on the market.  Underwriters of the Upcoming IPO would be banks with which NSE has already established relationships.  They are Citigroup, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley.

NSE is the biggest Stock Exchange in country known for its production.  As an exporter, NSE is one of the most important and widely watched companies on the global market.  A possible NSE IPO was announced today, as the trading group wants to raise capital. 

Funds raised by the NSE IPO will be used for investments in logistics and marketing and the company aims to become a major world player and to obtain a nearly one-third share of the domestic market.


The goals of NSE are far reaching, but not unexpected for the very old company known for its dynamic growth rate and its unique business model.  Experiencing as much as a whopping 16% growth rate in one year. NSE IPO will be open around 2021-2022.

The NSE IPO is closely watched because many investors and experts in commodities consider the company to have potential for even more growth and development. 

The business model has been very successful so far, with the main feature of producer-shareholders combines local factory/mill efficiency with management performed by the actual producers, producing excellent results in risk management, and gains in logistics and commercialization.


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