NISM VS NCFM. We Have Surveyed 100+ Students. Here We Will Share Those Valuable Results.

We Have Surveyed 100+ Indian Students on their opinion about financial certification examinations like NISM VS NCFM for job seekers in India.

Specifically, we looked at how factors like future scope, job incentives, salary, interviews, competition, job experience and exam certificates affects the lives of Students who are pursuing these financial certification examinations in India.

With the help of ZohoSurvey, we uncovered some very interesting findings about the opinion of students on NISM and NCFM.

And now it’s time to share what we discovered.

Here is a Summary of Our Key Findings:

We have reached to more than 1450 students in India out of them around 100 have registered their opinion in this survey


As you can see in the below box , the survey results are quite clear that NISM Certifications are great for those students who wants to pursue career in Indian Stock market.


While NCFM Certifications are great for those students who wants to test their in depth knowledge of various concepts related to Mutual funds, Share market and other financial instruments.

Both NISM and NCFM are very crucial. But if your focus is to pursue career or to get job and to gain knowledge then go for NISM. But if you want to check or expand your knowledge then go for NCFM.

Which Is Better NISM Vs NCFM For Job Seekers In India?


From the above graph, it is quite clear that NISM Certifications are great for those who wants to pursue career in Share market. But the real question is why? That’s what we will discuss right now.

NISM Certification are mandated by SEBI ( an Government body of India ) for those who want to become Mutual Fund Distributor, Equity dealer, Stock broker, etc. And many other jobs related to Share Market.

After clearing NISM V A you can apply for ARN number in AMFI, after receiving ARN number, you can empanelled with any Asset Management Company In India like: ICICI Mutual Fund, HDFC Mutual Fund, IDBI Mutual Fund, etc. And then you can legally work as a Mutual Fund Distributor in India.

So, now you understand the importance of NISM Certifications for jobs seeker in financial sector. You can read more about various job opportunities and incentives here.

Over To You

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What do you think of this Survey’s result?

Do you agree with results or do you have some doubts ?


Maybe you are not aware about NISM.

If that’s the case, let me tell you. NISM being short for National Institute of Securities Market. It’s an exam for those who wants to pursue career options in Stock Market in India. NISM consists of X series. If you want to know more it, you can read this detailed guide in audio format.

Each series is solely for one career options. For Example NISM V series is for those students who wants to become Mutual Fund Distributor while NISM VIII is for those who want to become Stock Brokers and various other jobs related to it.

And my team is specialize in teaching all these exam series. Even though I have taught classes for almost all NISM series, the bulk of my experience has been in working with NISM V and NISM VIII. Although we will provide knowledge about all NISM series as we are group of experts working together.


I learned a lot about Financial Certifications from this study, and I hope you did too.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding this survey please comment below. I will try my best to help you out.

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