NISM Mock Test For Mutual Fund – Part 10 | NISM V A

This is Part 10 of our Premium NISM Mock test for NISM V A.


#1. Investor reaches their peak of earning capacity at which phase

Obviously, Investor reach the highest earning capacity in pre-retirement stage.


#2. Commercial paper are short term securities issued by

#3. T- bill are short term securities issued by

#4. Debentures are

#5. Certificates of Deposits are

#6. Rohit offers his unit in an liquid scheme, for repurchase at 3:30 pm. What would be the applicable NAV for the repurchase?

The Applicable NAV for the repurchase for any mutual fund scheme is determine through cut off time:


  • If Repurchase happens before 3 pm then the Applicable NAV for the repurchase is Closing NAV of date of application.

  •  if Repurchase happens after 3 pm then the Applicable NAV for the repurchase is Closing NAV of Next business day.

#7. Credit rating agencies helps an investor to judge the

Credit rating agencies  helps an investor to check payback capacity of company.

#8. If unit holder pledged their units then they

After pledging, unit holder can’t sell them unless they return the money.

They also can’t switch their units into another scheme

But they can do additional purchase in the same account.

#9. Which among the following option do not affect a debt fund?

Movements in a company’s share price

to whom debt is given

will not affect a debt fund.

#10. Which among the following option is correct for a growth stock?

There are two types of Stock:

  1. Growth stock = stock which shows above average growth.

  2. Value stock = stock which is undervalued in the market.

As growth stock shows above average growth so it is good for high capital appreciation.

#11. Treynor ratio consider both systematic and unsystematic risk

Treynor didn’t consider unsystematic risk while Sharpe ratio also consider unsystematic as well as Systematic risk.


Congrats, you have completed this 100 question mock test of NISM.

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