Invest In Authentic Chinese Dragon Coins of Silver

Invest In Authentic Chinese Dragon Coins of Silver

The Dragon Coin of Silver from China is the earliest coin which was designed, produced and distributed as an official currency in the entire country.

People usually identified this coinage with a flourishing Chinese economy, and were among the first of the silver coins which were ever produced way back in the year 1989.

It was around this very time that first coin minting press was imported and installed in the china. The coins made here were circulated at the cost of about seven Mace and two Candareens.

If you are on lookout for authentic and truly real Silver Dragon Coins from China, it’s essential that you keep specific qualities of authentic coins in the mind. An original Chinese dragon coin of silver would weigh of 27.3 gram and about 0.77 oz of silver in it.

Another way to tell whether a Chinese Silver dragon coin is genuine or fake is that the weight of genuine coinage is usually much heavier than the normal coins.

The coinage design has the Chinese dragon which is engraved just in the centre of the coin and words seven Mace and two Candareens on the dragon image base. Top side of the coin has a Hu-Peh Province in China which many historians claim is a place where these coins were minted.

These coins came into circulation between 1898-1905. They were also called Kiang Nan bucks, costing hundred of dollars if these were genuine and were bought from the authentic collectors or the coinage dealers.

As with any coinage with a great history, there are many fakes of these coins available in the China and also in many other countries of the world. These fakes could cost $12-15 when bought from an auction site.

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