How your Stock Broker can help you plan your Investments?

Full service brokers usually offers a wide range of investment products and services to choose from for their clients. That’s why they are expensive as compared to discount brokers.

They will help you manage all your financial needs, acting as a financial advisor. They will help you plan out your present and future financial needs by chalking out an entire plan suitable for your purposes.

Whether you need help with investing or estate planning, whether you need tax advice or need to plan your retirement, you can always turn to your stock broker for help.

Here’s how your full service stock broker can help you plan your investments:

Investment Needs:

Your stockbroker will obviously cater to your usual investment needs. They will help you create a personalized and customizable portfolio that is diversified and has the risk spread across different asset classes.

With such a broker, you get access to a variety of asset classes and hence you can further reduce the risk in your portfolio. Your broker will help you with whatever financial goal you have in mind, and invest your money accordingly.

If you want to build a nest-egg for your retirement, then your broker will offer you to invest your money for the long term, which will let your money grow.

Estate Planning:

Your broker will also offer you estate planning services and you should start as soon as you have a measurable asset base. Your goals will shift as your life progresses and your estate plan should align your goals.

Your broker will take care of this task by creating your will, limiting estate taxes by setting up different trust accounts for beneficiaries, establishing an executor of the estate and setting up annual gifting to reduce taxes.

Tax Advice:

A full service stockbroker will also offer you tax advice. By tax advice we mean that a full service stockbroker will help you minimize taxation on your investments and in order to do so, they will choose your investments according to your requirements which will in turn benefit you with tax exemptions.

Retirement Planning:

When you retire, you lose your primary source of income. So, in order to continue living comfortably, you need to have some sort of savings. The best way to keep up with inflation and retain your purchasing power, you need to invest your money in the stock market.

Your full service broker will chalk out an entire plan to go about depending on how many years of work you have left. Such a plan includes implementation of a savings program such as investments and also setting up targets for fulfillment.


While a full service broker also bites into your budget because of their long list of services, they also help you budget. Talk about paradoxes!

With the help of a full service broker, you can save your money efficiently and tie up excess liquid cash in investments for better profits.

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