How To Pick Great Stocks

How To Pick Great Stocks

If you want to make some serious money on the side, you need to look up how to pick great stocks. It isn’t as risky as some people make it out to be, but it may take a bit of research. Stocks range from company to company.

There could be varying dividend costs to what product the company is selling. If you’re going to be buying a companies stock then you need to know how their business is run.

Blue Chips

First there are companies that are referred to as Blue Chips. Blue Chips are companies that are very big and have always had a constant stable growth. These are good if you don’t want to worry about losing your money.

You want to look for companies that are large, multinational, and had a constant growth the past 20 years. One example is McDonalds. They have a strong brand name, constant growth, and building shops in the developing world.


Second are the dividend givers. Dividends are a small amount of cash given to the stockholders usually every 3 months. People use these as a way to get and income off of their investments.

If you like to invest your money back into stocks you could double your money every 5 years. Usually you want to see a yield of over 2 percent on your stocks, but if it’s too high it may be because something’s wrong in the company. These safe stocks are what a lot of insurance and retirement companies use to pay their retirees.

Value Of A Stock

You really need to gauge what the value of a stock is. It the end when it comes down to it, you’re trying to buy a stock without overpaying. That’s the whole reason people are in the stocks business. You’re trying to buy something for less than it’s worth.

Some investors win while others lost their pants while trying to. This hard going, hard hitting market is also like a momentary game of roulette or somewhat like a toss coin. No one knows when or where that wheel stops bringing huge profits or destructive loses depending on chances.

But the more an investor learn and understand the true nature of stock market investments, the greater the chances of bringing that game of chance into a well profited business while bringing your money well managed.

It has been shown that stock price declines are not that transitory, that they can persist for decades, and thus that even long-run investors should see risk in stock market investments.

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