HDFC Securities Head Office:

It has been in the market from more than a decade. hdfc securities head office is located  in Bombay, India and many branches in the major towns and  cities of India.

It was founded in in the year 2000. Initially it was a joint venture between the HDFC Limited, the HDFC Bank Limited and the Indocean eSecurities Holdings Limited. It is involved in stock broking services and in the distribution of many financial products in last few decade.

Though it has not been too long i.e. the HDFC securities has completed 15 years in the financial arena, it has found a great customer base for itself. With its career spanning over these 15 years, the company has shown a steady growth in all its ventures.

HDFC Securities is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) as well as the National Stock Exchange (NSE). It has a easy to use online trading portal, which makes it quite popular with the traders.

From its inception to launching stock trading in Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange to having an online trading in place, it has come a long way. 

HDFC Securities Facilities:

HDFC Securities introduced quite a few innovative methods to alter the stereotypic system of trading. It launched BLINK which is a trading search engine, enabling the traders to place stock orders at very fast speeds.

When HDFC Securities launched a mobile trading app for equity trading, it become one of few early brokerage houses to do so. Their mobile trading app is available in all major OS like Android and IOS.

HDFC Securities NPS:

Recently, HDFC Securities started to offer the NPS specially for their elder customers.


Investor can allocate their fund in four asset class:

  1. Equity= Asset class E

  2. Corporate Debt= Asset class C

  3. Alternative investment product= Asset class A

  4. Government bonds= Asset class G.

As Auto choice subscriber’s allocation of investments between the different asset class (Equity and Debt) is determined through subscriber’s age.

Obviously, if NPS subscriber is elder person then their equity exposure will reduce as time passes but in case of young subscriber equity exposure should be more. As older person have less risk taking capacity than younger ones. 

It also provide  the facility of the e-filing of Income Tax Return in India.

The company focuses on the financial needs and the priorities of the customers. It eases the process for the customers by providing them with a 360-degree view of the financial planning based on their future goals and needs.

HDFC Securities offers a whole range of products and services offered across various asset classes. These include equity, derivatives, stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, gold, real estate, insurance, currency derivatives, bonds, debt, etc. Customers can trade over the online platform or through mobile, telephone or the any of the branches.

All these facilities make the entire trading experience very convenient for the customers. The multiple platforms enable the customers to engage in hassle free trading.

Web portal:

The web portal of the company is designed on the web 2.0 technology and provides the best state of the art technology. It provides a seamless trading experience on the BSE as well as the NSE.

HDFC Securities App:

The mobile app is compatible with Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows platform, which makes it accessible to the majority of their customers. HDFC Securities provides reviews to the customers which are backed by their extensive research.

This helps the customers take informed investment decisions based on accurate and unbiased research results.

HDFC Securities Portfolio:

HDFC Securities also has the facility of an online portfolio tracker. The HDFC Securities portfolio tracker helps the customers to monitor their complete financial portfolio which spans over various asset classes.

The customers can also list down the stocks that they want to track and enroll for SMS alerts. This helps them stay updated about the latest market trends and make the right investment decisions at the right time.

HDFC Securities Customer Care:

The Customer Care and services offered by HDFC Securities are high quality as well as transparent. It provides cost effective and best in class services to its customers to help them take the right decisions.

No doubt, HDFC Securities has emerged as the one stop solution for all the financial needs of the customers.

HDFC Securities Research:

The robust tools and extensive research arm the customers with the best data to decide upon their investments.

All the information about the market and the stocks is compiled by its experienced team of experts and is presented in a user friendly way in the form of videos, slideshows and tests. All of this is done on a sophisticated and easy to use technology platform.

Having a vast customer base ranging in millions, HDFC Securities has enough experience in the brokerage market and continues to grow with time.

Over the last few years, HDFC Securities has received many awards for their achievements in broking sector, the most notable ones being: India’s best market Analyst Award by media channel Zee Business and Best Financial Markets Technology Implementation of the Year Award by  The Asian Banker.

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