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Most Microfinance companies do not provide CRM software to their Agents, so it becomes hard for them to manage multiple clients. As Software is must to automate repetitive tasks.

We have talked to many Microfinance agents and they are even ready  to pay for it. And So far We have partnered with three microfinance companies each have around 100-200 agents and 5000+ customers.

We will create our credit measuring engine and collect data.
The borrower eligibility will be decide by data driven
creditworthiness. Basically , the Machine learning based
credit underwriting engine

We already have our own
Microfinance firm with
around 3k borrowers and 100+
Microfinance agents in
Nagpur city.

Our B2B clients sell investment products
like insurance policy , micro loans, etc
through their respective NBFCs to customers .

Getting Started

To solve disputes with their borrowers
and increase their efficiency by using automation features which can prevent unnecessary loss of data and papers. We allow them to explore better rates  through our premium service to access best rates or clients.

Scalibility with limited resources in other cities.

We are monetizing are
software through
Fees for
providing this service.