Value Investing: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide By Karmanullify

Value Investing

Value Investing There are many investment strategies used by a myriad of both individual and professional investors. Some prefer the growth strategy while others prefer a value approach. While both good in their own regard, a combination of the two trumps them both, and here’s why. In this post, We will discuss about Value Investing. … Read more

Stock Market Terms: The Only Guide You Need

Stock Market Terms

Stock Market Terms: If you want to invest or trade in Stock market, you should educate yourself with the terms that are frequently used. Here’s a mini guide that will help you through! If you have stepped on to the world of Stock Market, then you should equip yourself with the basic knowledge of stocks … Read more

Stock Market Crash and How to Avoid Another

Investing Vs Trading

With the recent economic downturn, it’s easy to panic and lose hope in investments, shares and the stock market in general. Most people play a short term game and for them, sudden drops in the market price are usually catastrophic. Granted, the recent downturn has seen an extended period of low returns, but the wise … Read more

Top 10 Bold Steps To Avoid Unnecessary Credit Card Charges – KarmaNullify

credit card charges

Credit cards charges are generally high and they also have high interest rates (around 35-40% p.a.). Even loans did not have this high rate of interest. To avoid unnecessary credit card charges one needs to take necessary precautions. Precaution And Tips To Avoid Unnecessary Credit Card Charges: Always pay credit card bill regularly and in … Read more



STOCK MARKET ANALYST Managing shares and investing money involves a major risk. Over a period of time, as markets grew in complexity, it led to the appointment of stock market analysts or securities analysts. Stock market analysts generally work in multinational companies, banks, government departments associated to finance and insurance companies. Banks that have mutual … Read more

Investing Vs Trading. We Have Surveyed 1500+ People. Here We Will Share Those Valuable Results.

Investing Vs Trading

Investing Vs Trading We Have Surveyed 1500+ People on their opinion about Investing Vs Trading. Which one they prefer the most? Specifically, we looked at how factors like Brokerage costs, minimum assets, risk appetite, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, mindset and experience affects the lives of traders and retail investors. With the help of ZohoSurvey, we uncovered … Read more

Meet Woman Entrepreneur Who Provide Employment To More Than 500 Woman In India

birth aniversary of Br Ambedkar

Most Women in India are trapped in patriarchal societies unlike most western countries. So, to become entrepreneur in India for women is challenging task. Women Entrepreneurs in India not only have to spend time in their business related activities but also need to take responsibilities pertaining to home which makes their work even more challenging. … Read more

Out Of 10 People 7 Fails To Solve This Mutual Fund Quiz. Are You One Of Them?

Mutual Fund Quiz

What is Mutual Fund? These days everyone talks about investments and mostly Mutual Fund investments, but what is a Mutual fund investment. These are collection and accumulation of numerous different kinds of shares. It is when investor together wish to acquire securities as a group, this fund can be called a mutual fund. Every single investor of this group has a symmetrical stake in the shares based on the total amount. Mutual Funds are great Investment Options As we all knew that Mutual Funds are great investment options for small investors who can’t actively manage their portfolio for risk management. But still one must need to know basic information about Mutual funds before buying Mutual Funds units. As there … Read more

Public Limted Company, Pvt Ltd, OPC or LLP which is best for Startups – KarmaNullify

Pvt Ltd or OPC

There are different type of companies one can register for their startup or business. We will discuss features, pros and cons of each type in this article Public Limted Company : To start Public Limited Company one need to have minimum 7 shareholders requirement. There is no limit on number of shareholders. You required Rs.5,00,000 … Read more

Mutual Fund Sahi Hai | The Ultimate Guide To Mutual Fund – By KarmaNullify

mutual fund sahi hai

Although mutual fund doesn’t offer guaranteed returns, but they are still better investment options then traditional ones. So, Mutual Fund Sahi Hai for small investors who don’t have much knowledge and expertise to directly invest in shares in Stock market. This post will cover basic to advance topics related to mutual fund so even a … Read more