NISM Series 1 in 2023: The Definitive Guide- Karmanullify

NISM Series I

NISM Series 1 is also known as NISM Currency Derivatives Certification Examination. As Currency Futures is a huge market. Like other NISM modules, this series covers all the relevant aspects of currency futures in brief. A must course for  those who work as currency market professionals, importers, exporters and traders in India. As we all know that SEBI has made certain NISM Certifications compulsory in India. As SEBI is Government body just like RBI, one can’t … Read more

NISM Mock Test V A With Detailed Explanation For Each Question | NISM VA – (As per 2023 Syllabus)

nism mock test va

About NISM VA: As we all knew that NISM Certifications are very important if you want to pursue career in Indian Stock Market. SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) has made certain NISM Certification examination compulsory like NISM V A and NISM VIII. We have free NISM Mock test for all these certifications. So, … Read more

NISM Study Material Free Without Registration (Updated 2023)

NISM Study Material Remember that different NISM exams cover different areas of the financial industry, such as mutual funds, securities operations, derivatives, investment advisory, and more. Choose study materials that are relevant to the specific exam you are preparing for. It’s important to start your preparation well in advance to give yourself enough time to … Read more

NISM Commodity Derivatives In 2023: The Definitive Guide | NISM XVI- Karmanullify

NISM Commodity Derivatives

NISM Commodity Derivatives: NISM has launched this new certification course recently. Who should apply for this certification? This NISM Certification is best for sales personnel of trading members of stock exchanges and to pursue careers in brokerage firms dealing in commodity derivatives. Investment in commodities needs comprehensive research of the market indicators. Such knowledge could … Read more

NISM Research Analyst Certification Examination | NISM Mock Test | Nism XV – By KarmaNullify.

nism research analyst

Who Should Prepare NISM Research Analyst Certification Examination? As per SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, an associated person should be required to qualify the NISM Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification Examination. So, It is very crucial examination for associated person in the financial service industry that includes all Research analyst working in all Broking and Advisory firm … Read more

NISM Equity Derivatives Certification Examination | NISM Mock Test | NISM VIII- By KarmaNullify

nism equity derivatives

What Is NISM Equity Derivatives? NISM being short for National Institute of Securities Market. It’s an exam for those who wants to pursue career options in Stock Market in India. NISM consists of X series. Each series is solely for one career options. While NISM Equity Derivatives is one of the most important modules of NISM … Read more