Nykaa IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Nykaa IPO

Nykaa IPO Date Nykaa is a social networking site for business professionals.  The owners filed to go public one month ago, on March 2021.  Someone close to the company said the Nykaa IPO is expected to bring in $200 million.  That would bring the total value of the company up to $2 billion, say sources close to … Read more

Shyam Steel IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Shyam Steel IPO

Shyam Steel IPO The Shyam Steel IPO may be the one of the first upcoming IPOs for the first or second quarter of 2021.  In addition to mentioning a Shyam Steel IPO the CEO also said there may be an acquisition or two in the works. Shyam Steel is based out of Kolkata. The company makes all flash memory … Read more

Kalyan Jewellers IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Kalyan Jewellers IPO

Kalyan Jewellers IPO A Kalyan Jewellers IPO would be a welcome investment opportunity for many who keep an eye on social media.  Company that’s already made a big name for itself, this Jewellery company is considering all avenues, and it already has some big offers. In what has become termed the Year of the Kalyan Jewellers IPO, … Read more

SAMHI Hotels IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021


SAMHI Hotels IPO SAMHI Hotels is the largest online network of websites that cater to those who want to rent a vacation home.  In a statement issued this week regarding their upcoming IPO,  the company announced that they will set the IPO price anywhere between $24 and $27 per share. SAMHI Hotels would then be worth … Read more

Bajaj Energy IPO: Upcoming IPOS 2021

Bajaj Energy IPO

Bajaj Energy IPO The Bajaj Energy IPO  announced last week has the biofuels world chattering.  The company, based in New Hampshire, develops technology for cellulosic ethanol production.  One of the largest private thermal generation companies has researchers trying to find a way to cheaply product ethanol fuel without relying on corn. Bajaj Energy IPO Size Bajaj … Read more

Nazara Technologies IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

Nazara Technologies IPO

Nazara Technologies IPO Nazara Technologies is based in China and is planning an upcoming IPO on the NASDAQ.  The Chinese tech company offers downloading services and digital media streaming services and cloud computing platforms.  The Nazara Technologies IPO will involve 7.6 million shares priced at $14 to $16 per share.  J.P. Morgan and Deutsche Bank will be the lead … Read more

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO

Laxmi Organic Industries IPO Laxmi Organic Industries is planning an IPO, although it has not yet filed.  The offshore marine helicopter company, based in Fort Lauderdale, has filed preliminary paperwork ahead of the expected announcement of the official filing of the Laxmi Organic Industries IPO. The chopper company is actually owned by Seacorp Holdings, which acquired … Read more

MTAR Technologies IPO | Upcoming IPOS 2021

MTAR Technologies IPO

MTAR Technologies IPO Internet company IPOs are all the rage this year, but the details of the upcoming MTAR Technologies IPO, announced this week, make for a small beginning.  The online real-estate company set modest goals for its upcoming IPO when compared to the likes of LinkedIn, Groupon and Facebook. The IPO is open for subscription on … Read more