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So, what exactly is a brokerage firm? A brokerage firm is actually a sort of a company that needs some kind of legal permissions in order to get involved in the trading of securities. It also gives you the various analysis as well as the advisory services to their various customers and clients.

Who are the people who get employed in a brokerage firm like Astha trade?

A brokerage firm is basically on the look out of various traders and research analysts who will work for them. The traders are actually authenticated to sell the securities for the various firms and the clients as well as customers of that particular firm.

What about research analysts you may ask? Well, research stocks track the various companies and then give them advice on whether they should go ahead and buy that particular stock, or they should hold that stock or should they sell that certain stock. Almost all of the brokerage firms which are actually companies which have been traded in public also trade securities in order to earn profits for themselves.

What are the methods through which a brokerage firm like Astha trade makes money?

As a brokerage firm has the knowledge as well as the expertise of the various securities market, they sell that to their customers and its clients.

hey also end up charging an extra amount of fee for acting out as a middle agent between the people who are purchasing the securities and the people who are selling the securities. These firms also end up making a lot of money through proprietary trading.

What are the various types of brokerage firms Like Astha trade that are present today?

There are basically three main types of brokerage firms: A full service brokerage firm which gives advice on the various investment news, strategies as well as research. As these firms offer a large number of services, their fees too are on the higher side.

A discount brokerage firm is a brokerage firm which is apt for people who are not experienced traders and who then end up making their own decisions. A discount brokerage firm will have a much lower commission cost than the full service brokerage firms.

An introducing brokerage firm is a brokerage firm which specializes in the markets of the future as well as the purchase and sale orders on the various commodities exchanges through the means of some established firms that are clearing members of exchanges.

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